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RE: [GreenYes] Re:Phone book query
Verizon DOES print recycle info about curbside and dropoff in their
directories!  They just moved it to a different part of the book!

I should've looked closer!


Stephen N. Weisser
Child Poverty rates: 20% US, 34% Wash. DC, 25% CA, 35% New Orleans.
Highest of any country in the western world.
2% in Scandinavia and they're ashamed of it.

-----Original Message from myself-----
In PA most residental recycling programs don't accept other paper besides
newsprint.  Drop-off programs are usually sponsored for phone books...Some I
think are sponsored by the phone companies and or BFI.  In other instances
municipalities or counties provide separate drop-off for phone books or
include them with newspaper, magazine, or mixed paper recycling drop-off.
The recycling programs in PA that do accept mixed paper (mostly in the
Philadelphia area) do accept phone books at curbside.
Perhaps you could contact your phone company and tell them you don't want
three phone books.  Around here they ask you when you sign up for your local
service if one book is okay...Then they don't give you more than one unless
you request it.  The Boy Scouts also collect post-consumer and pre-consumer
phone books.  (The phone book drop-off recycling that i'm talking about was
back in the day of Bell of Pennsylvania and Bell Atlantic...I'm not sure if
Verizon still does this stuff...I have noticed that where the Bell books
used to have curbside and drop-off recycling info in them Verizon books
don't have this anymore...It was a nice feature.  Why's it gone?  Don't

Hope this helps.
Steve Weisser
Lancaster, PA

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