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[GreenYes] Sawdust for Animal Bedding
Aloha Susan,

Regarding sawdust - it makes excellent stall bedding for horses.  I
suggest your cabinet maker approach the local horse barns and advertise
at the feed stores.  You might ask an "expert" to take a look and
recommend a price before you launch your campaign.

Many horse facilities buy sawdust in bags which you can price for
yourself at the feed store for comparison.  I used to pick up sawdust
for $5 a pick up load and had to load it myself.  The pile was always
there - I pulled up whenever I needed some, loaded it and then found
someone to hand my fiver to.  This was about 15 years ago in Colorado. 
I've also had it delivered in Virginia, 5 years ago for about $40 a
load.  I think it was 2 or 3 cubic yards.

Camille Armantrout
Maui Recycling Service/Maui Recycling Group

Hi all,
We have a cabinet maker in town that would like to do something with 
his saw dust.  Too much to compost.  Pellets came to mind...
Does anyone have any info about the process of making pellets for
stoves?  Would appreciate any and all info on this.
Susan Kramer
Sublette Citizens for Recycling
Pinedale, Wyoming
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