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[GreenYes] Re:Phone book query
Hello Doris:
In Orange Co.NC our paper broker (Paper Stock Dealers) readily accepts phone books & glossy mags w/ the newsprint for a mix that goes to newsprint mills in either Georgia or TN. One of the other brokers, the newspaper publisher McClatchy (News and Observer of NC) doesn't want anything except news w/ their mix that goes to a newsprint mill in Georgia (SOutheast Paper). So it's different everywhere. 

Our phone co. Bell SOuth has, as far as I know switched to water soluble glues on their bindings to make the books more recyclable and uses a certain % of recycled paper. The news mags phone book mix brings us higher $$ than w/ mixed paper (RMP grade), in fact buyers of our mixed blend would rather keep out all the ground wood type fiber they can.........

And yes, we also get three phone books a year . One from Bellsouth and two from other independent phone book publishers. I 
can't vouch for the  solubility of glue in their book bindings but Paper Stock Dealer doesn't seem to have any problem w/ them.


Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 10:22:38 -0700
From: "Doris Cellarius" <>

 In states where I have lived recently ( WA and AZ ), phone books require
totally separate recycling operations, so they usually don't get recycled or
they mess up the rest of the process.
What is the situation in other states? Thank you.
Doris Cellarius
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