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[GreenYes] The Catalog of Tomorrow

The November 8, 1999 Special Issue of Time Magazine posed similar questions 
in their VISIONS of the 21st Century series.  The cover was entitled 
"Beyond 2000: 100 Questions for the new century." The November 8th edition 
was the first in that series, dedicated to "Your Health, Our Planet."

The URL for an article entitled "Can We Make Garbage Disappear?" on Time's 
website is:


Gary Liss

At 06:39 PM 08/05/2002 -0700, Andrew Zolli wrote:
>Dear Members of GRRN Eyes:
>My name is Andrew Zolli and I am writing to you today with a small request
>that I hope someone on this list will be able to fulfill.
>I am currently editing a new book, which is being published by Pearson this
>fall, entitled "The Catalog of Tomorrow". Written for a broad, general
>audience, the book examines 100 different trends and technologies and
>explores how they will impact our lives and society in the next 15-20 years.
>The book is structured into two-page graphically rich "spreads" (imagine PBS
>meets USAToday) that explore topics as diverse as nanotechnology, space
>tourism, climate change and telemedicine. The book is patterned after the
>"Whole Earth Catalog" which appeared in the 1970's, and there is significant
>marketing energy behind the book. We expect it to be extremely successful.
>The goal of the Catalog is not only to celebrate our future, but to examine
>the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for our lives, our society,
>and our planet.
>One of the spreads in the book is about the future of waste and pollution. I
>am extremely interested in determining the following statistic: how much
>recycled material finds its way back into landfills, either because of a
>lack of a market, or some other force? The much pilloried John Tierney said
>in a recent NYTimes piece that the amount was 40%, but people on the list
>seemed to violently disagree. Is there a good statistic on this? I'm under
>deadline - any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated - I'll be happy to thank
>whoever can provide this in the acknowledgements of the book.
>To keep list volume low, please answer this request off this list - I can be
>reached at
>Andrew Zolli
>The Catalog of Tomorrow
>PS> For those of you who are interested, the book includes contributions
>from a number of people that members of this list might know or appreciate.
>We have invited a number of leading experts to contribute short "Horizons
>Essays" that introduce the major topics of the book. Confirmed participants
>include such leaders as Craig Venter, decoder of the human genome, Christene
>Peterson, President of the Foresight Institute, Howard Rheingold, author and
>founder of the Whole Earth Review, Frank Drake, leading astrophysicist and
>chairman of the SETI institute, Maurice Strong, advisor to Kofi Annan and
>founder of '92 UN Rio Summit, Richard Garriott, a major video games
>designer, William McDonough, leading 'green' architect and product designer,
>Paul Saffo, director of the Institute for the Future, Doug Rushkoff, leading
>cultural critic, Elise Boulding, world-renowned peace activist and
>sociologist, Alex Marshall, urban planning journalist and author of How
>Cities Work, and Jef Raskin, designer of the original Macintosh computer,
>. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
>Andrew Zolli
>Strategy | Futures | Interesting Projects
>[c] 917.495.2950
>"Why not go out on a limb?
>That's where the fruit is."
>- Will Rogers
>"History does not repeat itself,
>but it does rhyme."
>- Mark Twain
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Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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