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Re: [GreenYes] Re: E-question for fiction story
I remember seeing at 20/20 report  about a man in California, who generated 
no waste at all. He wanted the town to rebate the portion of his taxes he 
spent on trash pickup because he did not use that service.(the town would 
not) The only item of trash that he had for the week was a piece of plastic 
packaging that he threw out in a garbage pail at his job or in town. This was 
many years ago, but it impressed me. 
    I also stayed up at a Girl Scout Camp called Frost Valley, in New York 
State. They recycled and composted all food and paper products from the 
cafeteria that fed hundreds of people. I wanted to see the farm and compost 
facility but unfortunately I had to hike or canoe or tie-dye with my girls!
    I am interested in the concept of zero-waste. It would entail not 
purchasing products that would have to be thrown out, from the big items to 
the miniscule;such as wall to wall carpeting or yogurt containers.
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