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[GreenYes] Approved Specs -
Hi GreenYes list serv members,

South Carolina and MN. Do a search for the word glass on the webpage to
get to more links.

"Sibley County was the  most visible leader with its research with
Mn/DOT conducted initially in 1991" in regards to this sunject.

The original question is below.

~ Debra Lombard
   Sustainable Design Research and Consulting
   Norwalk, CT

"Does anybody know where I can find a list of states with approved specs

through their respective DOT's that detail recycled glass for
construction aggregate?  I've tried the Federal Highway Administration
but have
had no response.  I was hoping that someone could point me to a good
source.  Thanks.

Brian Pugh
City of Fayetteville
Solid Waste and Recycling"

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