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[GreenYes] San Jose VS Los Angeles
Congratulations to San Jose and to San Jose staff for their progressive efforts to use economic incentives to increase diversion and move facilities toward more sustainable recycling practices.

This is in sharp contrast to what's happening in Los Angeles, who's open competitive environment (and Port location) has helped so many independent haulers survive through recycling alternatives to landfills and kept hauling prices the lowest in the region.  The Bureau of Sanitation is insisting that the City must have a (non-exclusive) franchise fee based solely on gross receipts and that the fee should be exactly the same whether the refuse goes to a landfill for disposal or to a C&D mixed processing facility with an 85% diversion rate.  (Let's remind those independent haulers and waste generators that they are really dumb not to send it all to local landfills!)  They also claim that, even though they've been collecting hauler disposal data for years and 90% of the waste is collected by 20 haulers (60% by three haulers), it will take a minimum of twenty staff to audit tonnage each year. Not to mention that the private sector recycles at a far greater percentage (averaging well over 60% citywide) than the Bureau's own programs in the residential sector.

Again, thanks to San Jose staff for continuing their efforts to incentivize sustainable recycling practices.  Way to go, Stephen!

Joan Edwards  

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