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Re: [GreenYes] Unwanted Emails
I would like to apologize to Ann Schneider for 
the word 'accusation' in my previous response.
It might have been a bit strong. Sorry, Ann.

I would also like to thank the numerous respondents 
who gave such useful and positive feedback!

I have culled additional information about
the African scam, spurred by a couple very 
helpful responses.

These emails are indeed African in origin and are 
called '419' scams, (said as three consecutive
numbers - 'four, one, nine'.) A little understood
loophole in Nigerian criminal code allows
this type of 'advance fee' fraud, (the statute
being numbered as '419.') Apparently if someone
in Nigeria asks for money up front for a service,
they don't have to provide the service or give
your money back. No recourse. It's apparently
big business in that country, accounting for the
variety and imaginative ways to swindle. It's not
just one group or one person. Apparently,
everyone does it. T

Several of our members have actually received
the same 419 scams via snail mail.
Most of our members who replied suggested they
had been receiving them at a steady rate that
has neither increased nor decreased recently.
A couple said 419 spams have increased in
the last week or so.

For more information on this type of spam and
what to do in your country if you receive one, 
please view this web page:
While some of the claims made on this
very long page are somewhat broad, there are
lots of links to information about 'advanced fee'
and other types of mail/email fraud.

While you could send your email to the proper
authorities, it is unlikely that they will act or respond
to you unless you have actually lost money.


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> Any hints from folks out there?
> Ann Schneider

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