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[GreenYes] Recycled Paper Coop - Great prices on recycled paper
I came across a recycled paper purchasing coop while researching buying bulk paper the other day. Their prices are extremely competitive and even beat the prices of virgin paper and the quality is excellent. We are now purchasing all of our paper from the coop. I just thought I would share it with everyone. The web address is

You can request a quote online based on the amount of paper you purchase each year. Obviously, the prices are better with larger quantities. Our organization purchases approx. 1 pallet (40 cases) per year. We are small organization with only 5 staff members. The price I received was better than the virgin paper prices at any of the local office supply stores or catalogs including buying in bulk from local bulk paper suppliers.

Be Green,
Karen King
On the Waterfront, Inc.
308 W. State St.
Suite 115
Rockford, IL 61101

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