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Re: [GreenYes] Poll - Periodic Member FAQ
First I would like to thank 
everyone for participating.

Here are the results:

Don't clutter my inbox:   7
Once a week:                0
Biweekly:                      2
Monthly:                      13

Total Votes:                 22

We will be posting a short monthly member faq.
I'll set it to send at the 2nd tuesday of every month.

Some voters commented that it might
be nice to have the information in a welcome
email when they first join. Actually I thought I'd
set it up that way, but it hadn't been.
I've set it up now so that when joining via 
the web, welcome information
will now be sent to new members.



To post to the greenyes list,
email to:

Zubzcription, faq and netiquette info for
this list are available here:
Please be sure to read the faq and netiquette
pages before posting.

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