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[GreenYes] Franchise Service Fees and Recycling Incentives
> The County of Monterey will be going out to bid very soon for a new
> franchise agreement for garbage and recycling collection . We are   
> finalizing the variable can rates and service fees and would like to hear
> from anyone that has been through this process.
> Specifically, we are contemplating the following question: What is
> reasonable reimbursement to a hauler (contractor) for service of different
> cart sizes.  For example, if the service for a 32 gallon cart is X, then
> what is the incremental increase for 64 gallon, 96 gallon, etc.  Is 10% a
> reasonable reimbursement rate?
> Also, we are interested in receiving any ideas or suggestions from anyone
> who has a successful contract that includes strong incentives for a hauler
> to provide maximum amount of recycling.  For example, an incentive payment
> per ton recycled or term extension based on diversion requirements. Any
> other ideas? 
Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
> Fairlight Newman
> Recycling Coordinator 
> Monterey County Environmental Health Division
> 1270 Natividad Rd. Room 102
> Salinas, CA 93906
> Phone:  (831) 796-1260
> Fax:     (831) 755-8929 
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