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[GreenYes] Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration (17th June, 2002)
Facility fighters and zero waste activists:
I think its important for the activists on this LISTSERV to get behind this worldwide event.  Its being organized by GAIA.  If anything a statement and an endorsement.  Note the call for zero waste initiates.

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  • Subject: [Gaia-members] URGENT - Petition circulation
  • From: "Toxics Link" <>
  • Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 14:02:34 +0530
Dear Friends,

Following is the petition that we are planning to submit to the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Please endorse this petition and send it to





We, the representatives of the civil society and concerned citizens of India, on the occasions of POPs International Day of Action (May 23, 2002) and the Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration (17th June, 2002) would like to submit:

  • Whereas the increasing consumption in India is resulting in growing mountains of garbage and other wastes which are sought to be disposed in landfills or burnt openly or in incinerators;

  • Whereas current collection and disposal systems are not adequate to handle the growing quantity of household waste, and increasing use of plastics and other synthetics are generating new problems;

  • Whereas open dumping, ground- and surface water contamination, increasing quantities of non-recyclable and toxic materials, and disastrous working conditions in waste handling conditions;

  • Whereas indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste is causing severe environmental, social and public health problems;

  • Whereas multinational corporations, international financial institutions, aid agencies are pushing material disposal and destruction technologies such as landfills and incinerators, waste to energy technologies;

  • Whereas burning waste, with or without the recovery of energy, puts dangerous substances such as toxic metals, dioxins, furans, and and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), into the air and into the residual ash;

  • Whereas the disposal and destruction of materials robs future generations of resources, drains local communities of finances and resources, thwarts local economic development and undermines rational approaches to waste management, and concentrate economic benefits in the hands of a few corporations;

  • Whereas incinerators, landfills and other "end-of-pipe" solutions endanger the progressive and cleaner alternatives that are being initiated in communities and municipalities around India;

  • Whereas the production and use of unsustainable materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has led to the poisoning of human health and the environment;

  • Whereas recent studies in India have shown high levels of dioxins, PCBs and organochlorine pesticides in human milk samples, wildlife and dairy products;

  • Whereas the presence of dioxins, furans and other chemicals in breast milk and human bodies is a form of chemical trespass that threaten foetuses and infants;

  • Whereas this chemical trespass violates women’s fundamental rights to bear healthy children and to breast feed;

  • Whereas the United Nations Environment Program has identified dioxins, furans and PCBs besides nine pesticides as persistent organic pollutants requiring priority global action under the recently signed Stockholm Convention;

  • Whereas over one hundred twenty governments have signed this important new treaty;

Therefore we urge the Indian government to:

-End funding and promoting end-of-the-pipe and combustion technologies from international and Indian companies;

-Promote indigenous and safer non-combustion technologies which can be implemented and

operated at the community level;

-Promote community waste management and Zero waste initiatives;

-Formulate national environmental and operational standards for the non combustion


-Work with informal sector to improve working conditions and improve composting and

recycling rates;

-Require industry to implement waste reduction and take-back schemes;

-More transparency from the concerned government agencies about "so called" Waste-to-

Energy projects and public access to information;

-Involve public in decision-making and implementation process;

Endorsed by:



Toxics Link Delhi
H-2 Jungpura Extention
New Delhi 110 014
Tel: 4328006/4320711
Fax: 4321747
CVOD Jain School,
4th Floor, 84 Samuel Street,
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Tel : 3752050

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