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[GreenYes] Waste firm cited in oil dumping

Posted on Sun, May. 19, 2002

Waste firm cited in oil dumping

SARASOTA - Waste Management Inc. withdrew from negotiations with
Sarasota County for a $100 million trash-hauling contract after the
cited the company for mixing used motor oil with trash.
Sarasota County started a weekly program in 1999 to pick up used motor
oil separately. Recycling keeps it out of groundwater supplies and out
When the amount of oil being recycled decreased, the county went
Investigators marked the bottoms of plastic jugs filled with used motor
and set them out curbside for pickup to see whether they arrived at the
collection center.
Out of nine jugs, four never made it, and officials suspected they wound
in the landfill with the rest of the garbage. To be sure, code
officials staked out collection routes. At two stops, Waste Management
haulers reportedly were seen tossing oil into the back of the truck with
household trash.
County officials issued two citations to Waste Management on Friday for
improperly disposing of used oil. The citations carry a $500 fine
"We need to work on this and restore our credibility with the
said Sarah Voss, a spokesman at company headquarters in Houston. "We
need to let people know this is not how we do business."
Waste Management, which has picked up the county's trash for a decade,
plans to bid on the new contract. Its current contract ends Sept. 30,
The company works in 48 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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