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FW: [GreenYes] Two Stream
Justin - FYI

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Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 11:53 AM
Subject: RE: [GreenYes] Two Stream

Christine, I tried sending this to the e-mail listed in your forwarded
message.  It was returned, so hopefully you can get it to him.

Visit the City of Austin's website:
<>   Click on Recycling under Programs and

The sort is a little different from yours.  Cardboard must be bundled to
3"x3" with twine or string (to fit in truck, we may reduce this to 2.5"x2.5"
due to new trucks).  The bin is for a mix of containers (Al, plastic 1 and
2, tin/steel, glass).  A second bin can be used for mixed home office paper,
newspaper and magazines, or we encourage people to use a paper grocery bag
for the loose paper.  Helps keep litter down too when it is windy.  And a
"third" recycling sort would be yard trimmings placed in a reusable
container or kraft paper yard trimmings bag.

Katherine J. Murray
Waste Diversion Planner
City of Austin Solid Waste Services
(512) 974-9043
fx (512) 974-9048

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Looks like I left a little too much unsaid. Here is the deal. City trucks
run the routes. The old system was single stream, with a contracted
processor, who will remain nameless, but I am sure anyone can guess, who
charges roughly $55.00 per ton to process, with no revenue sharing. The
change will enable the city to direct haul commingle to another cities MRF,
without glass at no charge. Hence moving to a two stream system, one glass
only and the second fibre, plastic and metal.  Glass will be
processed/crushed by Santa Fe, and marketed within government public works
My goal here is to find any programs that have made a similar move, and to
access their outreach program to pull it off. We are in a sizable time
crunch as the high dollar contract expires June 30, with implementation to
begin July 1. Although not an ideal situation, I firmly beleive it is
possible, given the motivation of economics and the responsibility to
provide service at reasonable costs.  Thanks for the help!
Justin << File: jstockdale.vcf >>

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