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[GreenYes] Seattle Job Opening!
Associate Solid Waste Contracts Manager/Solid Waste Contracts Manager Seattle Public Utilities - City of Seattle, WA
The Associate Solid Waste Contracts Manager (ASWCM) will report to the present Solid Waste Contracts Manager (SWCM) for 6-8 months, until the latter's planned retirement (approx. Feb '03). At that point, (subject to satisfactory performance as ASWMC) it is the City's intent to directly appoint the ASWCM to the permanent SWCM position.
The ASWCM will support, and as SWCM will have direct responsibility for these areas: the development and management of all residential and commercial solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection contracts, yard waste/food waste processing contracts and a long haul disposal contract.  Presently there are six contracts totaling approximately $60 million/year.
Bachelor's degree in business/public administration, liberal arts, engineering, science or related field. Candidate must have excellent negotiation skills as well as at least three years' experience  in negotiating or administering major ( greater than $1m and one year) contracts (additional years of experience beyond three years are very desirable). Knowledge of solid waste collection industry practices and innovative ways to provide service is very desirable. Public sector experience very desirable.
The ASWCM will be compensated at an average annual salary rate of between $60,000 - $70,000, depending on qualifications. Upon appointment to the full SWCM position, the salary will be adjusted upward. The City of Seattle has a very attractive set of benefits as well.
Application instructions will be posted on the City's job website on May 16 ( Applications will be due by June 14, 2002. For more information on the City's solid waste contracts: For more information on the City's solid waste planning:  Contact:  Timothy Croll 206-684-7934 or
Dr. Jennifer Bagby
Principal Economist
Seattle Public Utilities
710 2nd Ave
Seattle, Washington 98104
phone 206-684-7808
fax 206-386-9147
And specifically see the following address for data, reports and research

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