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[GreenYes] Two Stream
Looks like I left a little too much unsaid. Here is the deal. City
trucks run the routes. The old system was single stream, with a
contracted processor, who will remain nameless, but I am sure anyone can
guess, who charges roughly $55.00 per ton to process, with no revenue
sharing. The change will enable the city to direct haul commingle to
another cities MRF, without glass at no charge. Hence moving to a two
stream system, one glass only and the second fibre, plastic and metal.
Glass will be processed/crushed by Santa Fe, and marketed within
government public works programs.
My goal here is to find any programs that have made a similar move, and
to access their outreach program to pull it off. We are in a sizable
time crunch as the high dollar contract expires June 30, with
implementation to begin July 1. Although not an ideal situation, I
firmly beleive it is possible, given the motivation of economics and the
responsibility to provide service at reasonable costs.
Thanks for the help!
org:Santa Fe County;Solid Waste Division
adr:;;PO Box 276;Santa Fe;NM;87504-0276;USA
title:Waste Reduction Coordinator
fn:Justin Stockdale

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