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[GreenYes] Batteries
A message from Jill Boone of the County of San Mateo RecycleWorks:

Recently, I've been told that the places that are accepting batteries 
are not *recycling* the alkalines. I'm interested to hear about any 
places that you use or refer people to that take the alkalines 
and if you've checked into what is being done with them....  

I'm posting to this list as I am looking for a local solution that we 
can promote and/or use. Thanks.

Ilana Gauss
Recycling Outreach Specialist
County of San Mateo RecycleWorks
Hotline: (888) 442-2666   Phone: (650) 599-1468

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Buy fewer disposable products. We know disposables are convenient. But with the environment, convenience can take its toll.

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