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Re: [GreenYes] Batteries
In consideration of our goal to work towards zero waste,
I wanted to mention an alternative to alkaline disposal that I did a bit of
research on.

Regular alkaline batteries (with some limitations) are rechargeable!
According to the folks at Real Goods (
Regular alkaline batteries can be recharged up to about 12 times.
The trick is that you have to recharge them after they are only about 50%
If they get totally spent, they often won't accept a charge.
So this requires some vigilance.

Anyway, Real Goods sells an AC charger that will recharge them for $50.
(they did not pay me to say this, unfortunately).

If people use a lot of batteries, this thing could pay for itself in a short
(the electricity reportedly costs about $0.01/battery).

If you want a battery with 100's of potential charges, Real Goods suggested
the Ni Metal Hydride batteries because
they are not highly toxic like the NiCADs and don't have the memory problems
of the NiCADs.
For these types of batteries, there are also solar chargers available
There are also rechargable akalines (that will take about 30-50 charges

So in the spirit of conservation and zero-waste,
I hope we can start to educate consumers
that a battery should not be thought of as a disposable product
but rather a valuable, reusable piece of equipment.

Van Calvez
Human~Nature Solutions
Bainbridge, WA

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> A message from Jill Boone of the County of San Mateo RecycleWorks:
> Recently, I've been told that the places that are accepting batteries
> are not *recycling* the alkalines. I'm interested to hear about any
> places that you use or refer people to that take the alkalines
> and if you've checked into what is being done with them....
> I'm posting to this list as I am looking for a local solution that we
> can promote and/or use. Thanks.
> Ilana Gauss
> Recycling Outreach Specialist
> County of San Mateo RecycleWorks
> Hotline: (888) 442-2666   Phone: (650) 599-1468
> 3 R's Tip of the Week:
> Buy fewer disposable products. We know disposables are convenient. But
with the environment, convenience can take its toll.
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