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[GreenYes] More per capita disposal data
First, a news flash- the GA Senate sent a computer recycling bill to the
Governor's desk today!

Georgia has also grappled with the issue of Municipal vs Commercial and
Industrial wastes in Subtitle D Landfills.  A pretty thorough description of
our approach is found in the 2000-2001 Solid Waste Management Report,, page 7.

Bottom line; even after recycling, a yard waste ban, and the deduction of
waste imports, Georgia's MSW disposal rate (including C& D and commercial
waste that enters MSW landfills)  has risen from 5.48 lbs/person/day in 1992
to 6.30 lbs/person/day in 2000. Fortunately, this growth in waste seems to
have reached a plateau over the past few years.

Jay Donnaway
State Recycling Coordinator
Office of Environmental Management
Georgia Department of Community Affairs
60 Executive Park South, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329-2231
fax 679-0646

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