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Re: [GreenYes] Producer Responsibility & Consumer Costs

Not only do we need to know the answer to the question
you have asked, we need to ask the question a second time
with a slight wording change ... instead of "cradle to grave",
what happens to the overall cash flow of the system if it
becomes a "cradle to cradle" system where the discards are
actually put back into productive use and create new sources
of revenue to add to the formula ???

Eric Lombardi
EcoCycle wrote:

> The next question:  If Producers are made to include the true costs of the
> lifecycle of their products--cradle to grave--and if these producers pass on
> these costs to consumers--which they will--then--will we see a corresponding
> LOWERING or ELIMINATION of the tax dollars we currently pay that subsidize
> the lifecycles of the products we consume?
> I think I know the answer.  Does anyone else?
> John Waddell
> KJWB Publications Inc.
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