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[GreenYes] EnviroLink Update
I was sent the message below.   How many of you have received it?  [ie are also RECYCLE subscribers]  I have monitored the posts to RECYCLE for several months now, and do not find any messages which are NOT also copied to Greenyes.    So, I wonder what value RECYCLE is currrently offering...??

>>> 12/13/01 12:35PM >>>
Dear EnviroLink List Subscriber,

When you believe in something strongly, you want people to hear what you
have to say.  To be heard, you have to have a medium.

The email list to which you are subscribed is a service of the EnviroLink
Network, a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  We at EnviroLink
have asked the owners of the list to convey to you the challenges we face
in bringing this free service to you.

The EnviroLink Network provides free mailing lists and other internet
services to over 500 organizations in the animal rights and environmental
communities.  We offer you and other activists a critical medium through
which your beliefs may be given voice.  We do so for free, in the face of
uncertain funding and while subject to lawsuits from corporations who
don't like what you have to say about them.

A few months ago, the volunteers of the EnviroLink Network sent out a
fundraising letter, asking for the support of the members of our community
in maintaining and upgrading our services.

So far, the response we've received has not been overwhelming. So, we've
decided to turn to those of you who hear from us a little more indirectly,
yet receive information that's vital to your interests.  We're asking
those who receive email via an EnviroLink list to donate between $10 and
$25.  Our lists serve tens of thousands of people... a little from each
would go a long way in allowing EnviroLink to continue operating!

There are three ways for you to donate to EnviroLink:

1) Send a check or money order to: The EnviroLink Network, 5801 Beacon
St., Suite 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.  All donations sent in this manner are
tax deductible as allowed by federal law.

2) Use your credit card to make a donation to EnviroLink through PayPal.
Just go to EnviroLink's website at and click on
Make a Donation.

3) Use your credit card to make a donation to EnviroLink through the
Amazon Honor System.  Just go to 

Thank you -
Marla, Scott, Mike, David and Josh
EnviroLink Volunteers

EnviroLink Network Technical Support 

To post to the greenyes list,
email to:

Subscription information for
this list is available here:

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