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Re: [GreenYes] recycled plastic bycicles
Bicycles are definitely better than any internal combustion vehicle, whether
SUV, Unimog, or EV. But the selection of the best mode of transportation
cannot be separated from the material it is made of.

Metals are not attracting as much attention as being endocrine disruptors as
plastics, especially not the metals that bicycles are made of. They are not
made of lead and mercury. Aluminum alloys are energy intensive, but can't
they be recycled?

Quiquid latine dictum sit altum viditur
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> In her original post, InÍs didn't say why she was researching plastic
> bicycles or parts.  Maybe the better sustainable choice is to encourage
> to substitute a bicycle for a car anywhere and as often as she can.  It
> seems to me that regardless of what material you make the bike out of,
> still a better transportation choice than an SUV or any other type of

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