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Re: [GreenYes] the importance of being earnestly enviro
melissa terry wrote:
> trade deficits and extraction-based global policies
> have drawn the profile of an consumerist monster on
> our global passport.
> our neighbors don't respect us because our global
> market practices are below standard and exploitive.
> just try asking ken saro-wiwa, an african
> environmental justice leader, how he feels about shell
> oil ruining his village's drinking water.
> unfortunately, we can't ask him because shell oil
> would not help stop the public execution of mr.
> saro-wiwa, even after the sierra club and amnesty
> international appealed to shell directly before mr.
> saro-wiwa's hanging.
> how does that relate to buying recycled?
> it's about sustainability - sustainable purchasing
> practices look beyond extraction and exploitation.
> it's about patriotism - why are our country men and
> women losing their american jobs while their employers
> skate over the border or overseas to establish sub
> standard environmental business practices?
> it's about economics - how much money are we going to
> spend protecting our oil interests?
> it's about time - when will we start walking the walk?
> i challenge all of us to try to make a 100% "Buy
> American" shopping trip the next time you go to the
> mall or your local outlet stores. generally, the
> recycled products i have seen on the market fit into
> that category.

Melissa's points are well made - local production for local consumption
is a simple effective and workable model for sustainability - just the
people who cannot see past their noses don't see it, or those who see
power slipping away from their hands..

if anybody does try to do a 100% Buy American shopping trip, do let us
know what you could NOT get, OK?


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