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Re: [GreenYes] the importance of being earnestly enviro
trade deficits and extraction-based global policies
have drawn the profile of an consumerist monster on
our global passport. 

our neighbors don't respect us because our global
market practices are below standard and exploitive.
just try asking ken saro-wiwa, an african
environmental justice leader, how he feels about shell
oil ruining his village's drinking water.
unfortunately, we can't ask him because shell oil
would not help stop the public execution of mr.
saro-wiwa, even after the sierra club and amnesty
international appealed to shell directly before mr.
saro-wiwa's hanging. 

how does that relate to buying recycled?

it's about sustainability - sustainable purchasing
practices look beyond extraction and exploitation. 

it's about patriotism - why are our country men and
women losing their american jobs while their employers
skate over the border or overseas to establish sub
standard environmental business practices?

it's about economics - how much money are we going to
spend protecting our oil interests?

it's about time - when will we start walking the walk?

i challenge all of us to try to make a 100% "Buy
American" shopping trip the next time you go to the
mall or your local outlet stores. generally, the
recycled products i have seen on the market fit into
that category. 

melissa terry

--- Darby Hoover <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Many of you probably work for nonprofit
> organizations, as I do, which rely on grants from
> corporations to remain viable.  With the current
> political situation and the squeeze on the economy,
> I'm finding it harder to convince companies that
> they should retain their emphasis on buying recycled
> and funding organizations promoting recycled content
> materials (particularly as some of the budgets that
> may have sponsored such programs went to NYC in the
> wake of the attacks).  I'm putting together a brief
> talk for my board of directors on the importance of
> keeping the focus on environmental goods and
> services, even in the midst of the climate in the
> U.S. today. I've got some ideas of what I'd like to
> say, but I hoped perhaps some of you could send me
> some of your thoughts on why it's important to keep
> environmental awareness (and funding for such) in
> the forefront.  Please feel free to respond to me
> directly rather than the list.  Thanks very much.
> Darby Hoover              
> Executive Director                
> Recycled Paper Coalition

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