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Re: [GreenYes] OFF TOPIC POST: Forgiveness....
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> This guy has got to go!
> And I don't mean bin Laden.

It is hard to believe that some people still think that it is "fine" to
do all sorts of things to people (this does fit in with one of the most
bizarre I have come across) in the name of whatever belief system they

when will the USA wake up to the fact that they cause more harm than any
terrorist ever in history, and they are more "fundamentalist" than any
religious freak I have ever seen... "the American way" - also defined
as, "it does not matter who we harm or kill, as long as our political
cronies can make more money, and Americans can continue to over

wake up America - we took a hard look at ourselves here, and still did
not get it right, although it is much, much better - are Americans too
arrogant to think they could conceivably be at fault?

people, let us all stop for a moment and think - if we are in
partnership with people, then everybody has a stake in looking after
each other - the alternative is what is happening now, war...

To share: during the dark days of Apartheid, many, many Black people
were at starvation level - but they pulled through, because not only
were we able to understand that poverty is not a choice, but also that
neighbours with very little, shared what little they had to help people

in the ghetto where I was born, I remember my mom asking me to take a
pot of food to a neighbour three or four doors away... I found a family
at the table with not a morsel on any plate... the mother of the house
was in tears at the arrival of a simple pot of food... she had no idea
how she was going to feed her family that day...

why is it so difficult to share the planet in a just and equitable
manner? is it because we have bought into the "me" or "I" culture? is it
because we actually have forgotten what it is to be human?

if ever I have a lack of humanity, I ask that I be removed from this
world.... without people's humanity to people, we are no longer

take care all....


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