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Re: [GreenYes] energy supply wrote:
> Muni,  (I am myself deeply involved
> in increasing the market potential of photovoltaic energy (indeed, using
> cells made by methods that do not create toxic byproducts).  

do share that information - it will be useful here, where we have
probably one of the highest solar insolation in the world...

> see how it is plausible to think that a "good" program would do it in
> two years.

it seems that money still can talk.... apply full cost accounting to all
sources of energy, and watch the quick action! 

I trained an entire company (from tea person to CEO)on waste
minimisation (actually zero waste in disguise) and within 8 months, they
had saved R8 million (about US$1 million) and cut energy consumption by
about 24% and still going down...

it seems that if we level the playing field by applying environmental
and social cost accounting, the more sustainable options naturally come
to the fore as preferred options...


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