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Re: [GreenYes] Plastic-Coated Cartons
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> Regarding the comment about dioxin being destroyed by incineration;
> There are industry scientists that profess that if dioxin is incinerated at
> high enough temperatures that it will be destroyed. The paper most cited on
> this subject is by Rigo, et al.

heee hee hee is the industry still saying that? we are fighting about 8
new incinerators in our province, including one for POP's (!) that may
even go mobile(!!)...

simple truths about dioxin - the formation of diox IS minimised by
burning at a high enough temp., but at startup and switch off, they
form... dioxins also form when the gasses cool after leaving the heat.. 

we have 70 incinerators in our province, about half still in use today -
about 7 (only) reach the "correct" temperature, and none have air
pollution control equipment (filters, etc..)

so no matter what the technology, including the smooth sounding plasma
arc, dioxins and furans WILL form....

hope that helps - I remember offering to e-mail our (Earthlife Africa)
living document on incineration before, but as the issue is again
relevant, if anyone would like a copy, please email me directly, and i
will happily send you the latest revision...

take care

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