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[GreenYes] eGrants and Tides 9/11 Fund

I want to thank everyone who participated
in the Tides 9/11 fund. They have been able
to raise almost a quarter of a million dollars.

According to Dan Geiger eGrants:
The 9/11 Fund will support organizations working on:

 Relief efforts for the working poor affected by
the incidents of September 11.  Thousands of families
affected by this disaster live from paycheck to
paycheck and they are most unable to absorb the
catastrophic loss of a family member or the immediate
loss of income as their livelihoods have disappeared.

 Peace and justice and multicultural alliance building,
including efforts that focus on the rebuilding of
communities and relationships between people of
different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds,
and preventing hate crimes against Arab-Americans
and Muslims.

 Protection of civil liberties and

 Alternative media organizations that can effectively
frame the complex political, social and economic
history of this painful crisis.

Tides staff is currently researching organizations
to be included in the Tides 9/11 Fund, and they
expect to make their first grants next week.

We will be pulling down our link to Tides
soon, but you can still donate by going to this
link: [Link Deleted 08/21/2003 Per Tides Fdn request. 
Link no longer exists. Please go here to find out
more about the Tides Foundation and Groundspring,
previously e-grants.]
If you donate through this link, I understand
Working Assets will double your donation
up to a total donation of one million dollars.


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