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Re: [GreenYes] Tragic events and renewable energy
Susan Bush wrote:
> Renewable energy can become the symbol
> of peace. And hope.

Dear Susan...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful and touching words - I could not
agree more...

As you all know, we are fighting our electricity utility, Eskom, who are
in partnership with the US's Exelon Corp and British Nuclear Fuels (yup,
them again) in their bid to build and sell 216 new nuclear reactors, and
produce over 220 million kilograms of fuel here in South Africa...

none of it makes sense - the economics, the job creation none of it -
for example:
a standard 10 Pebble Bed Modular Reactor facility (1100 MW) + fuel costs
+ decommissioning will pay for the supply and installation of windpower
that will generate 50% MORE electricity that the PBMr installation;
create at least 4 times more jobs, etc etc  ignoring the radiation
hazards, long term waste problems, etc..

to us, this is just as much of an atrocity as bombing, the only
difference is that we will die over time, and is therefore less

I cannot urge everyone enough to follow the path recommended by
Katherine Gekas - we need positive symbols, and RE is a good one...

take care all...
kind regards

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