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C.William wrote...

Your irritation seems to be a little out of focus.  Did you also
personally tell our friends in South Africa and Ireland they were 
wrong to send American's thoughts of concern?  Please do not 
write to me only, share your thoughts with everyone.

Okay, I will.

First I'd like to apologize if my sentiments were construed as un-
American; not at all my intention. I love my country deeply and my 
heart has been torn apart by Tuesdays events. As I said to another 
person who electronically yelled at me today, everyone reacts to 
tragedy differently, and my way is apparently self righteous 
And I did , believe it or not, appreciate very much the Deepak 
Chopra letter posted by Muna, apparently posted partially to irritate 
me (his words). I completely agree that we need to keep this event 
in perspective with what happens daily all over the world; we are 
not alone in our tragedy, and our knee-jerk response to "retaliate" 
is not the only answer, the problem lies much deeper than that.
I still stand by my opinion that topic oriented listserves should stay 
on topic, but if I'm alone in that, than clearly, the answer is for me 
to either accept it, or unsubsribe. I would hate to have to do that; in 
general, I find this a interesting and useful listserve.
I apologize again for any offence, it was truly not intentional.

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