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[GreenYes] Steve Tvedten, world-renowned pest control expert, will speak on managing pests without the use of pesticides
Apologies for cross-posting...and the length...but this is good news.

Steve Tvedten, world-renowned pest control expert, will speak on managing
pests without the use of pesticides on Wednesday, September 12, 2001 7-9pm
at the Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA.

The benefits from the event at the Ecology Center will go towards his
upcoming trip to India, to help teach people his methods. The suggested
donation is $10, which will be used to help Steve's excursion to help teach
people in India about his sustainable pest control methods. No one turned
away for lack of funds. Persons attending this event are requested to
refrain from using perfume, cologne, and other fragrances for the comfort of
other participants. Other sponsors are Thimmakka <  >,
East Bay Pesticide Alert < >, and EHN < >. Please reserve a space by contacting Paul Goettlich at
510-666-0465 or

Steve will also be on KPFA's "Seven Generations" show that same day from
1-2pm with host Waylon Southon. There is also a possibility that he'll be on
KQED's Forum 9-11am with Michael Krasny.

Steve is a friend and one of my heroes. He is widely known across the US and
in many other countries.  He switched to what he calls "Intelligent Pest
Management" after being severely injured by pesticides as the stereotypical
pesticide applicator. The effects of his exposure linger on with chemical
sensitivity. His own son died from pesticide exposure.

He has the ability to captivate audiences with his whit, knowledge and
humour, while at the same time speaking about the unspeakable. . .

He operates a pest control business in Michigan, where a large part of his
business is controlling the pests in 350 schools without pesticides. He's
been threatened with arrest for using "unregistered pesticides." (things
like soapy water and chalk.)

He consults to organizations such as NCAMP, doctors and many others. He
authored a book called Best Control, which is in PDF format on CD-ROM. It is
an extensive self-help manual on how to recognize various pests, where they
live, what their habits are, and how to control them, which is not always
killing them.

I encourage anyone reading this to please spread the word of Steve's
appearance far and near.

The list of his accomplishments is too long for this email. More about Steve

Paul Goettlich
PO Box 517
Berkeley  CA  94701

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