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[GreenYes] School Lunch Trays with Recycled-Content
Title: School Lunch Trays with Recycled-Content

Good morning,

I work in the California Integrated Waste Management Board's Office of Local Assistance and am developing a web-based resource guide for school districts regarding waste reduction program implementation.  I would like to include information on school food services trays that contain recycled content as well as those that can be recycled/composted.  I have found a very limited amount of information (e.g., searching the Board's Recycled-Content Product database ( for "tray" yields Dolco Packaging and Elm Packaging Company for Polystyrene and the Chinet Company for paper).  Additionally, I have information on Earth Shell products. Do you have any additional information you can share?  I sure appreciate your consideration,

Marshalle A. Graham

California Integrated Waste Management Board

Office of Local Assistance

Phone (916) 341-6270

Fax (916) 319-7305

"The energy challenge facing California is real. Every Californian needs to take immediate action to reduce energy consumption. For a list of simple ways you can reduce demand and cut your energy costs, see our Web-site at"

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