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Re: [GreenYes] why people recycle?
Metal toothpaste tubes are made of aluminum; I don't think the Aluminum
recycling industry really cares if there is some toothpaste stuck inside.
It all gets heated up, & melted down!
 At 12:20 PM 07/31/2001 -0400, Chris Sparnicht wrote:
>Does anyone actually recycle their
>toothpaste tubes? I.e. some come in a foil
>tube that technically, you could cut open
>and wash out.
>Does any toothpaste come in a truly
>recycleable tube? I mean they may say
>'recycleable' on the outside, but does
>the recycle center actually take them in
>your area?
>I ask because the course of this thread
>seems to imply that we are 'locked' into
>stages of convenience. I recycle as much
>as I can - I even rinse my aluminum foil, 
>but not my toothpaste tubes.
>Anyone else do that?
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>Subject: [GreenYes] why people recycle?
>> [snip] I think it
>> is because they feel as if they are too busy to rinse that foil off or
>> too busy to figure out which bin to put their plastic container in. I
>> have tried to encourage people to recycle. I think it works sometimes
>> but many times those that do not recycle will not even if you make it
>> really easy for them.
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