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RE: [GreenYes] radioactive scrap policy review & comments
Title: radioactive scrap policy review & comments
For those interested in pursuing the issue of radioactive scrap I suggest accessing the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. website (attached below).  They have had a lengthy dialogue with the DOE regarding radioactive waste in steel scrap and have generated several articulate position papers on the subject.  From the standpoint of a recycling advocate I have been attempting to include information in relevant sections in architectural specifications for steel and steel products. It would appear that a dose rate of .1 millirem/year would be appropriate.  Lingering questions remain in respect to how such information is provided and the protocol from scrap recycler to mill, to supplier to fabricator.  Originally I had asked for certification of a maximum level of radioactivity in steel bur this was most certainly naive on my part since the mechanisms that are required to fulfill this information are not readily available.  Perhaps a more realistic approach would be to ask for a certificate that the recycled content portion of steel had been furnished by a scrap dealer that is normally engaged in the identification and "treatment" of radioactive waste.  Or, as I suspect, is this still asking for information that can never be easily discernable?  Or have any A/Es on the list ever added such language to specifications?

Bruce Maine
Research Director
Sustainable Design Services
HDR Architecture



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