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Re: [GreenYes] radioactive scrap policy review & comments
Stephanie C. Davis wrote:
> FYI:
> According to a 23 July 2001 article in Waste News, page 35, ?Agency to
> review radioactive scrap? by Susanna Duff (, the first
> and last paragraphs read:
> ?The U.S. Department of Energy  plans to review its policy on selling
> radioactive scrap metal from its facilities for recycling into new
> products.  . . .  The DOE will hold public meetings this month and in
> August and will accept public comments until Sept. 10.  For more
> information, view the Federal Register entry dated July 12 under the
> DOE heading at
> Can we get an email sign-on letter going?
> (I?m out of my league here in writing on this topic, but am REALLY
> concerned about this issue and that it is not getting as much
> attention by the public at large as it should/could/I wish it was.)
>  -Stephanie

this must be nailed shut as soon as possible - in South Africa, we are
currenty fighting plans for a radioactive waste smelter, with the same
end goal in mind - see; also search for org called Public
Citizen for good info...

shout if I can help, OK?

Kind regards

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