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[GreenYes] Collection Modeling
In response to Roger's request for information about how to model different
types of collection programs to mirror the local conditions in a specific
area, we have a computer program, RecycleWare(tm) that carefully does this.
The key thing to remember is that the local specific answer is highly
dependent upon non-linear factors-- namely the fact that once a collection
vehicle tops out it must go off route to unload and typically takes one hour
out of a 6 effective hour day.  Determining when a truck tops out is a
complex calculation that is a function of among other things the pickup
rate, the time between stops, the day's length, the size vehicle, the number
of compartments within the box and the uneven fill rates that occur and the
time to the MRF.  Without that level of sophistication, the answer will not
be localized for your area, and, as Roger indicates, be largely
meaningfuless for your conditions.

Peter Anderson
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Madison, WI 53705
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