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[GreenYes] if you're not driving, who is?
i'm not sure about the rest of the folks on this list,
but our community is fired up about recycling! 

as our regional landfill faces major heavy metal
leaching/available space issues, we have come full
circle to targeted campaigns (founded on current data)
that educate our citizens about the realities of our
long range planning.  

as we run out of room and/or contaminate our habitat,
recycling will gain more rather than less momentum.
however, source reduction and waste reduction must
proceed recycling. 

getting your community to care about your program
means they need to own a solid understanding as to why
the program is even available (if not mandatory). why
should they care? will it save them money? will it
protect their groundwater? 

community citizens expect us to be at the wheel and
drive community awareness. if you're finding litter in
the parking lots or teenagers that could care less,
you have identified your educational target group. 

you ask, who is driving the desire to recycle in 2001?
it had better be us! keeping research current, keeping
the community jazzed with exciting program info and
thinking outside the box is our responsibility. we are
supposed to be the one's making the noise about these

the frontier is before us and there aren't any perfect
maps...we need good data and an explorer's mentality
if we're going to figure out how work with dynamic
earth systems responsibly and arrive at some kind of
sustainable goal for our population. 
the earth will be fine...i don't do this work for job
security or the laughable salary, i do it because it's
important and it's our habitat at stake. 

i appreciate everyone's efforts and dialogue.

melissa terry
sustainable environment educator
city of fayetteville

--- C E F G <> wrote:
> Mr. John Reindl, Roger M. Guttentag and others,
> I am sorry if people are attributing my comment - 
> in 2001 a whole lot of
> people "could care less" - to the wrong persons.
> It seems funny to me that the parties who make their
> living in waste and recycilng are the ones who seem
> to be making the most noise about recycling, etc. 
> Perhaps that is because they are looking for job
> security and have a direct vested interest in how
> many states provide money for recycling programs.
> I will re-frame my comments, the examples given do
> not show recent data.  Information from 1996 and
> 1997 will not get residents to continue recycling
> today.  Look at the litter in the parking lots and
> events attended by 17-19 year 
> old teens and see the mess left behind.  I am not
> sure they "care."  Check out the recycling bins at a
> nearby apartment bldg. and see for yourself how many
> opeaple "care less!"
> Sorry about the first message lookin so bad.
> Regards, C. William
>  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #    
> "Everyday should be an Earth Day."

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