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[GreenYes] Second try: Who is driving the desire to recycle in 2001?
Mr. John Reindl, Roger M. Guttentag and others,
I am sorry if people are attributing my comment -  in 2001 a whole lot of
people "could care less" - to the wrong persons.
It seems funny to me that the parties who make their living in waste and recycilng are the ones who seem to be making the most noise about recycling, etc.  Perhaps that is because they are looking for job security and have a direct vested interest in how many states provide money for recycling programs.
I will re-frame my comments, the examples given do not show recent data.  Information from 1996 and 1997 will not get residents to continue recycling today.  Look at the litter in the parking lots and events attended by 17-19 year
old teens and see the mess left behind.  I am not sure they "care."  Check out the recycling bins at a nearby apartment bldg. and see for yourself how many opeaple "care less!"
Sorry about the first message lookin so bad.
Regards, C. William
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"Everyday should be an Earth Day."

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