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Re: [GreenYes] Why people recycle in 2001.
I think we can use the Organic Foods movement as an
example of how the Reduce Comsumption/Recycling
movement will go.  I use myself as an example, in the
late 70's I commited myself to Organic, accepted the
fact that I was going to have to pay more thus
sacrificing "comforts" and increase the logistics of
my life in the process.  As was in the Organic, I
believe, Reduce/Recycle will not be a top down
process.  I honor the frustration of those of you who
are putting your heart and soul in a industry that
must deal with a huge population that considers the
earths resources as infinite and her waste reception
bottomless.  The habits go much deeper than waste
managemet education can touch.  The elimination of the
denial that exists I believe, must be personal...When
I was deep in mine... "NO ONE COULD TELL ME! what to
do".  But like Organics, each personal decision built
on another and continues to do so.  I believe if
current stuctures can't or won't deliver a way to get
to "10O% landfill free"....We will!  No doubt the more
the denial is broken down the more painful sights one
must see...for me the challenge is to find the peace
in the chaos while I move towards the goal.


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