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[GreenYes] Job Posting
Please reply directly to City of Long Beach
and not to this list:

Salary:  $2,656 - $4,182 Monthly
********Apply by:  August 10, 2001********

Performs increasingly responsible administrative 
and technical duties in the development, implementation 
and monitoring of the City's recycling programs and 
waste reduction activities; collects, compiles and analyzes 
financial, statistical and technical data relating to recycling 
and waste reduction; writes reports and makes 
presentations to business and community groups; 
develops, implements and coordinates public 
education activities.  

REQ:  Bachelor's degree in public or business 
administration, environmental science or a closely related 
field and -SIX- months experience in the development, 
implementation or administration of public or private 
recycling, composting or waste reduction programs.  

City of Long Beach
Civil Service Department
333 West Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach CA, 90802
(562) 570-6202 EOE

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