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[GreenYes] Election Reform Conference In Philadelphia
National Pro-Democracy Convention in Philadelphia

For more information, contact Jessica Stern at 212.614.6452  or e-mail

National Pro-Democracy Convention
Shaping the Future of Democracy in America: From Voter Disenfranchisement
to a Voters' Bill of Rights
June 29 - July 1, 2001

>From June 29 to July 1st, 2001,  the Center for Constitutional Rights and
a coalition of civil rights/human rights organizations, including,  are sponsoring a National Pro-Democracy Convention
at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  The Convention is
being convened in response to the disenfranchisement of thousands, if not
millions of voters in the recent Presidential election.

With the Voter's Bill of Rights as a primary focus, the National
Pro-Democracy Convention will be a vehicle to gather up and galvanize the
disparate and disaffected constituencies and movements outraged by the
flawed elec tion to build a permanent force for real democracy.

The Convention will include a range of important activities:

*   Preceding the convention, there will be a Training Institute for
anyone interested in intensive work    towards election reform.

*   The kick- off event for the Convention will be a National Town Hall
Meeting, where national leaders will speak out about Election 2000 and
offer recommendations for democratic reforms.

*   Throughout the convention, there will be continuous information and
discussion around the principles outlined in the Voters' Bill of Rights
and strategies for strengthening the pro-democracy movement.

The organizers of the Pro-Democracy Convention are determined that what
happened during the 2000 presidential election will never occur again in
our country.  We accept the  challenge to energize the broadest coalition
of organizations, constituencies and individuals to fulfill this nation's
promise of truly
being a bright beacon of democracy and human rights for the world.

To register or for more information, see  or e-mail

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