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Re: [GRRN] How much coal-fired energy used to make nuclear fuel?
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> With the shortsightedness of nuclear power rising again, a good fact
> to have is how much coal-fired energy it takes to produce the fuel for
> nuclear power generation plants.
> I had read some time ago that it is quite sizable and that most of the
> coal-fired generation is done using outdated, grandfathered plants
> near or in KY.

would also love to know this, for our current anti-nukes campaign - the
USA may be at risk of importing reactors from us in South Africa, if we
are not careful...

also: it was rumoured that if one did an entire life cycle energy
analysis of a nukes plant, this totals more than what the plant would
produce in it's lifetime... any info?

take care all!!


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