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Re: Fw: [GRRN] Bush and Climate Change
> Thanks Peter .... I just returned from England where the
> targets of the Kyoto Agreement are alive and well in the
> public discussion of the Europeans I met, and similiarly
> the Kyoto targets are in active policy discussions in
> New Zealand ... so, for the WSJ to say that Bush has
> "killed the Kyoto Treaty on climate change" it is not only
> wrong, but it is a great example of how the corporate media
> uses its position as mainstream mouthpiece to send small
> bits of misinformation (propaganda?) into our culture on a
> daily basis.  

yup! and it is assumed that because of one idiot that sneaked into
power, the whole world must stop too! of course, our pro-nukes people
are smiling... for now....

> the tanks driving through our town?  I feel like we've become an
> "occupied" culture, and we're all standing on the sidewalks watching
> the victors dictate the new rules... and even the utility CEO's get to
> wear a green patch on their arm bands as they parade past us on
> the shoulders of the major media...

a gentle hint - let the whole world, including all Americans, about how
you feel - believe it or not, this helps!!

take care


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