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Re: [GRRN] energy (and other) savings through recycling wrote:

> Tires to electricity makes no sense unless you breakdown the rubber into oil,
> gases, and carbon which makes the parts more valuable. You are in area you
> know nothing about, sir. Burning tires is not a viable recycling method.

I did NOT support tires being burnt - maybe your reading skills, as well
as your lack of command of the English language and spelling, and
obvious lack of any courtesy whatsoever makes you, I'm afraid, less than
human - so why don't you go back to your alien family?

> A company I am working with in Nigeria is going to use the oil and gases to
> fuel a power generation project near Lagos.

and thereby hopefully justify the hanging of activists like myself who
fought you in Nigeria? like Ken Saro Wiwa, who had to be hanged FIVE
times by people like you, until he eventually died?

Leave us alone, please - and we can probably all do very well without
your pathetic attempts to engage in robust debate... acknowledge defeat,
and bow out gracefully, in the name of all that is good and just and


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