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Re: [GreenYes] Cost of recycled plastic in bottles
From: "Reindl, John" <>
Does anyone have an estimate of how much more it would
cost Coke or Pepsi per container to use 25% recycled
content plastic than to use virgin material?

Here is a response for GREEN plastic bottles:

According to analysis by Steve Apotheker, Senior Analyst,
Waste Reduction Division, METRO (regional government for
Portland, OR, 503-797-1698), for the past few years, green
PET scrap bottles sold at a 3-6 per pound discount to clear
recycled resin.  Green virgin PET sold at a premium of 5-10
per pound over clear virgin resin.  That is a total differential of
8-16 per pound.  The cost to process scrap bottles is
5-10 per pound, i.e. less than the differential.

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