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[GRRN] REQUEST FOR IMAGES: Simplicity & Zero Waste
Deadline:- 15 May 2001

We need your help.

The Global Recycling Council (GRC) of the California Resource Recovery
Association (CRRA) is assembling a slide show for the Annual CRRA conference
in Pasadena.  The intention is to have the slide show serve as a guide for
discussion of issues that have drawn people to the Simplicity movement
according to Cecile Andrews.   These images are to stimulate discussion
about these topics, and to provide alternative visions.   

To the extent you are able, please send us copies of slides which you feel
convey these ideas most effectively.  You may also send in slides which are
the direct opposite of the image concept (e.g. in addition to images of
'violence,' we are equally interested in images which convey 'peace'), so
long as they might stimulate conversation for the Topic area.  Send as many
as you would like, AND please indicate what concept you intend each slide to
convey.  Each and every slide or digital image is welcome, so send one or
several dozen. The ultimate intention is that the prototype slide-show would
be subsequently replicated and distributed, so please do not send
copyrighted or proprietary photos. 

To reward you for your efforts, GRC is offering three $50 discounts on
registration to this year's CRRA conference.  We'll be giving one for the
best image, one for the most images used in the debut slide show, and one
for the most images submitted, whether used or not.


Topic Area: Concern about our Daily Lives

Stress/Anxiety				High blood pressure, smoking
Alienation					Drug Rehab Clinic, punks on
a street corner	
Raised on commercialism			Advertising to kids, misconceptions
from advertising
Chemical assistance/pervasiveness	Prozac, social drinking, drugs,
Violence					Gun auctions, headlines,
Selling the sacred				Commercialization of
Christmas, etc.
No time					To do lists, Car faxes, 500
e-mails/day, calendars
Convenience vs. conservation		Fast food, home garden
Traffic						Endless congestion,
frustrated drivers, road rage headlines

Topic Area: Concern About Workplace

Lack of meaning 			Time card uniform, assembly lines

Long hours				Person sleeping under desk	
Feeling undervalued			Overhead shot of a huge room of
Loss of loyalty			Downsizing, headhunters

Topic Area: Concern About Declining Community

Convenience vs. community	Cyber friends
Latte as fuel vs. sitting w/friends   	Drive through vs. streetside cafe
Loneliness				Personal ads		
Homelessness			Street people, Eating cat food	
Street life				

Topic Area:	Concern for Social Justice	

Disparity, rich to poor				Food bank line, Mansions vs.
Migrant labor				Suited farm worker applying
Environmental racism		Protests, NIMBY
Cheap housing/smoke stack industry

Topic Area:	Wanting to be Part of a Larger Movement

Diverse groups working together	Community cleanups, WTO Protects	
Appreciation				Thoreau quote 'My thanksgiving is
Active Community groups		Directories of community groups, United Way
Feeling energized and connected
These people understand me
Simplicity, Waste Prevention, Spiritual


Topic Area: Concern re Consumerism

consumption addiction		'I Shop Therefore I Am', debt counseling
Where does it come from?		Bottled water aisle, "Made in Mexico
from Columbian fabrics" label			
Products vs. crafts			GameBoy, Cardboard playhouse
Stuff we don't need			Rusting exercise equipment, pet rock
Debt					Credit cards, bills , bankruptcies
Quantity vs quality			Walmart, Costco, Price Club, Dead
Shopping as community		Mall images

Topic Area:	Concern about Environment

Global climate change		Historic temperature graphs, major storms,
Habitat loss				Wetlands
Loss of diversity			Rainforest
Extinctions				Tigers, monkeys, salmon
We are all connected		salmon, drawing of water cycle, acid rain
Industrial extraction			clearcuts, landslides, industrial
fishing, open pit mining 
Accidents				Tire fires, oil spills
Collateral damage			litter, illegal dumping

Topic Area:	Interest in all things Natural

Health 				Acupressure, pill boxes, herbs
Food								Gardens,
bags of premixed salad, markets
Transport				Biking, carpools, buses
Cleaning				Bleach, oven cleaner, baking soda

Please send us images by May 15.

Send them to: Tedd Ward
		Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority
		391 Front Street
		Crescent City, CA 95531
		(707) 465 -1100

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