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[GreenYes] biodegradable utensils needed

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me locate biodegradable forks.
In the past we have ordered utensils from Biocorp for the Whole Earth
Festival in Davis, CA.  After the event we compost all of the organic
waste form the festival.  This year Biocorp said that they do not have any
left because the supply was used up for Earth day events.  We need
about 13,000 forks, unfortunately the event begins Friday May 11th.

If you have any ideas about alternate sources of forks, know of someone
who has a quantity left over to sell, or have another alternative, we
would like to hear from you.  Thanks for any help.  Please contact Harold
and/or Max.  Either way, all are welcome to attend Whole Earth, for the
past several years we have diverted more than 80% of the waste from the



Harold L Leverenz
Graduate Student - Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of California, Davis
office - 530.752.3448
fax    - 530.752.7872
home   - 530.753.7657

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