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Re: greenyes-d Digest V01 #133
I have to weigh in on this one as many small local businesses in our area have confronted this dilemma and, as often as not, when our public agency is not able to provide free recycling services, a "hard core" recycler in that business has simply taken it upon him or herself to take the materials to a dropoff site that accepts them. In this case it would be mixed paper, sometimes, after a long period of eco-martyrdom, the upper management gets the message that this is something the employees of the company really want happening in their company and start paying for it for that reason or guilt or some other enlightenment they received watching the personal involvement and commitment of one of their own to something he believes in. This also happened at one of the largest companies in NC,  at the local office our the Duke Power Company based on the extreme ongoing dedication of one employee to recycling and took the materials himself for long periods of time.

Myra and Ann-

For the record - I agree.  I touched on many of Myra's points during my
conversation with Mr. Beiter.  Unfortunately, his upper management is not as
enlightened or committed to recycling as Mr. Beiter.  He's looking for a
solution that will not alert or alarm his management - trying to do what he can
without spending too much money.  I knew that folks on the list might be able to
help with a solution - that may not necessarily be free - but perhaps as
low-cost as possible.  

I'm always looking to make sure people understand that recycling - just like
garbage disposal is not a public good - but a public service that has associated

As always, I appreciate your comments!



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American Forest and Paper Association
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End of greenyes-d Digest V01 Issue #133

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