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RE: [GRRN] saw dust
Good morning, Debra.

You wrote:

>I agree with you I believe clean sawdust can be composted, but it can also
>made into firestarters for camping or fireplaces using a binder like
beeswax or
>something else.
>Additionally, I do not feel that commingled plastic lumber is good for
>but it does add better qualities to plastic lumber than just plastic
itself. So,
>I would have to say not to use it for that but make firestarters instead.

Attached is a link from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
regarding Air Pollution from Wood-Burning Appliances and Fireplaces.
Although manufacturers have done a better job in the last decade designing
and producing devices that don't contribute to extremely serious local air
pollution scenarios I would be inclined to weigh in in favor of the argument
that uses sawdust as part of a re-manufacturing process, even if it is a
plastic/wood composite.  I think there is a significant difference between a
resource that is part of a value added product as opposed to one that is
"gone up in smoke."

Bruce Maine
Research Director
Sustainable Design Services
HDR Architecture

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