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[GreenYes] Adopt-A-Block Programs
I am helping the City of Chico develop an Adopt-A-Block program and we are
interested in how other communities have set up their programs. If you have
a program and can answer the following questions, I would appreciate it.
Barbara Kopicki
AS. Recycling
BMU 302  CSU, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0763
530-898-5033 fax 530-898-4978

Please take a moment to answer the following questions regarding your
Adopt-A-Block program. 

What city and state is your program located in?

Contact Person & Title:

Who oversees your program? (i.e. city, county, university)

Is there a college/university affiliated with your program? 	Yes
Do college groups participate in your program?		Yes 		  No

Do Fraternities &/or Sororities participate?			Yes
Do Campus Clubs/Groups participate?			Yes 		  No

Is your project overseen by a steering committee? 		Yes
Do you have liability insurance?				Yes
Does your program have an official application?		Yes 		  No

Does your program have an information pamphlet?		Yes 		  No

Do you place recognition signs on each block?		Yes 		  No

* Please send us a copy of any applications, pamphlets, committee
descriptions, or signage designs if possible. 

How long has your program been operating? 				
How is this program funded?	
What is your approximate budget?					
Please list what your budget covers (i.e. gloves, bags, disposal fees,
plaques, etc.)
How do you motivate groups to participate in your program? 
What makes your program successful?
Please add any other information you feel is important.

Thank you for your time!

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